Group Air Go Express offers international transport services from and to any part of the world, specialized in Canarias and Baleares transport, coordinates and takes care of your most urgent and delicate shipments, with a great speed and solution of any incidence, thanks to the proximity of our facilities to the International Airport of Barajas.

Group Air Go Express is a IATA agent and has a network of correspondents throughout the world and with agreements with the most important airlines that allows us to provide air transportation with worldwide coverage. Our customers only have to choose the points of origin and destination that they wish and we take care of them to arrive their merchandise of the most effective and economic efficient way.

The main services performed are:

  • Import and Export of cargo in general.
  • Door to door service, under CIF, DDU or DDP conditions.
  • Organization of consolidated exports and imports from major world capitals.
  • Refrigerated or frozen goods.
  • Transport of dangerous goods.



Group Air Go Express offers intermodal shipping services through agreements with the main shipping companies worldwide. Offering a specialized service for each customer, from a 20 ‘container to a bulk container.

Types of containers with a maximum load of 24 tons per container:

  • 20 ‘container.
  • Container 40 ‘and 40’HC.
  • Open Top container: they have as main characteristic to be open up, in this way can excel the merchandise or simply load up.
  • “Reefer” container: designed to cool the load.
  • Tank Container: Designed for bulk transportation.



The customs service of the Group Air Go Express allows real and effective customs management thanks to the closeness of its offices and the great experience gained over the years with the Customs Agency, significantly decreasing The transit time.

Group Air Go Express is in charge of all the necessary documents for the transport of goods necessary, making in the name of the importer or exporter the requested customs procedure.

The main functions to be performed are:

  • To carry out import and export dispatches of the goods.
  • To process and present certificates and requests related to the passage of the merchandise by customs.
  • Present the corresponding documents with customs.
  • Coordinate and be present in the name of the importer in the physical inspections of the merchandise.
  • Manage the transit documents of the goods.